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By - Sarah Woods

Reflective Essay Writing

Whatever your specialization is, you couldn’t miss that moment at school or college when you get impressively long list of themes to choose the special one for writing about. Those carefree years it was possible just to say something on the topic without following any rules. Here is the topic, here is my opinion, it is clear and steady. But each year essay writer life gets more serious and the methods of living  it must be improved as well, to be the human of your time. When you’re older it’s not a mature approach to write essay without knowing it’s subgenres, although there are some. This article is about two concrete ones which seem to be similar, when they really aren’t, to make the line between them thicker.

Illustration essay is synonymous to demonstration. The main thing is to show your chosen object from all the possible sides necessarily with the examples to prove your words. You decide, what is the sense your essay enriched with and make it seem obvious by giving theappropriate information. See, the main idea of essay in general remains – to present your position, with the only difference it should strictly rely on proofs. Proof is that illustration in the definition of this subgenre.

Definition essay can use some parts of previous subgenre, illustration essay, to achieve its final goal. This goal we are taking about is to define, open and explain some certain thing, fact. This can be build on analysis of the problem you touch, on description, rely on examples from your life or science, statistics, whatever. You only have remember that in the end of writing the reader has to understand what was it all about. The chosen object must be explained and showed if not in all, then in the major characteristics. Illustration essay doesn’t explain the meaning of something, its task more to explain why so.